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What’s Cookin’ Miramichi is a combination cooking school and light catering establishment now open in the heart of Miramichi.   We offer great tasting and nutritious food prepared with or without your personal involvement - all for less than $6 per serving !

Using only the freshest ingredients helps to make our meals both healthy and nutritious by eliminating many of the preservatives commonly found in fast food and frozen meals.  Because you’re assembling the meals yourself you have the power to change the spices and flavours to suit your tastes.  In our kitchen, you can prepare your meals with friends or make new friends. Treat yourself,  have a wonderful time socializing - and at the same time create great meals that you will enjoy.

If you love great food and value personal and family time but are too busy to shop and chop onions, or you're tired of frozen, poor quality meal choices, you can prepare 6-12 full-size entrees in approx 2 hrs customized to your dietary requirements.  We create the menu, do the grocery shopping, prepare all the ingredients, and take care of the clean up.  All you have to do is take home the meals you’ve assembled at our location, freeze and when you're ready, take it out and cook it. 

We also have a connection with the Culinary Institute of Canada @ Holland College with which we hope to build a reciprocal relationship with their graduating chef students by offering commercial kitchen experience in return for specialized chef demonstrations in our kitchen.

Destination weekends offering 'Cook with a Chef' classes will be soon be available for booking on the King George B&B website.

Monthly Menu

Each month we post an amazing lineup of main course entrees from which you can choose.
We also include vegetarian options and offer suggestions for accompanying side dishes to complete your meal.

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Our Classes

Our regular scheduled ‘meal classes’ are             2:00 – 8:00PM Tuesday through Friday                   for kitchen sessions, pick-up and walk-in times.  We also offer special classes for Kids in the Kitchen, Ethnic Cooking and Special Senior classes that may pre-empt these hours. 
Please phone 506-352-0557 to confirm.

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See Our Packages

At  What’s Cookin’ Miramichi our goal is to introduce or re-awaken the joy of cooking to everyone! And we’ve come up with the following custom packages that might peak your interest . . . ‘Spring Fling’, ‘Summer Retreat’, ‘Senior Special, and ‘Call & Cook’.
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