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April Events 1

Sara KGBB - Thursday, April 01, 2010
Have had some wonderful experiences in the kitchen during the past couple of weeks, a Men Only class demonstrating basic knife skills, and how to make a simple white sauce, and vegetarian stock.  I must admit to being endlessly amazed and delighted at the interest shown in food by all ages, and I continue to challenge myself to come up with more interesting and inventive ideas. Our Spring menus are leaning toward more locally available meat and produce and I can hardly wait to try the renowned fiddleheads! Here is what's on the menu for May 2010:

May is the start of the local lobster season and it wouldn’t be Mother’s Day in Miramichi without experiencing that first succulent taste of lobster.  A whole lobster is cooked and split for you and your favorite someone, and you each may choose either a mixed green or Caesar salad. one King George Signature side dish is also included in the meal, along with dessert. This feast is truly fit for a king!  This offer available only with a 1-night accommodation booking from May 8 through June 30th, 2010 and costs $200 for 2,  plus HST and won’t last forever. Experience it for yourself while you can.  Call 506-352-0557 for more information.

Mother’s Day Special – G and Tea at the King George B&B

Enjoy an elegant afternoon tea with your favourite Mum with a refreshing twist with Tea at King George B&B, which features delicate teas, sandwiches and cakes specially selected to complement the classic gin and tonic.

Tea and finger sandwiches

As well as the gin and tonic, the G and Tea at King George B&B also features tea blended from Chinese green and black teas, which can be taken with or without milk. Delicate finger sandwiches with an assortment of fillings such as smoked salmon with horseradish, beef with mustard, and turkey and cranberry, are also available to sample.

Sweet treats

If your favourite part of any afternoon tea is the sweets, then G and Tea at King George B&B will not disappoint. Choose from a selection of home baked scones with lashings of clotted cream and strawberry preserves, along with a mixture of home-baked miniature pastries.

G and Tea at King George B&B is available Saturdays & Sundays only  from 2:00PM4:00PM Sunday, May 8 through Sunday May 15, 2010. The afternoon tea is priced at $19.95 per person. It is recommended that you make a reservation; call 506-352-0557 for more information.

March 2010 Events

Sara KGBB - Sunday, February 28, 2010
March 2010 - Darcy and I had our second demo at Eel Ground First Nations on Feb 25th for 'Canning & Preserving'.  We prepared Bread & Butter pickles, Tomato Mango Salsa, and a Smoked Tomato Chutney and served blueberry pie made from my frozen blueberry pie filling. Darcy demonstrated two familiar methods of sterilization for the glass jars and lids, from using the 'sterilization' feature on new dishwashers, boiling in a water bath canning kettle, to heating the bottles in a 200F oven for 20 minutes. One of the participants had her 4-yr old grandson in tow and he was an absolute delight, with great praise for the 'delicious blueberry pie' and the proof was indeed in the pudding, with a picture taken of his face with blueberry stains from his nose to his chin! We sampled some commercially prepared salsa, and then when our own Tomato Mango salsa was ready, taste-tested the difference.  I must say how pleasantly surprised I was to hear how much better they liked the homemade version. Once the evaluations are completed, we may have the opportunity to do other demos on Sustainable Food Supply and Security for First Nations.  It is extremely rewarding to see the interaction between all of the participants and exchange ideas and recipes. I always leave with more ideas and suggestions that I can hardly wait to put into practice and I'm supposed to be the teacher!

We're also working on the possibility of doing a Seniors Supper class at Retirement Miramichi if interest warrants it so I will keep you posted.

Post-surgery and Update

Sara KGBB - Sunday, February 14, 2010

John's angioplasty done last week in Moncton has been a resounding success!  He actually went for a walk yesterday, (for the first time in a year we think) and although the Henry St. hill just about did him in, he made it home safe and sound. So today perhaps we'll attempt another route on more level ground! Now that he can manage stairs safely,and can make it up to the attic,  I'll have to be more vigilant with my hiding places!  He's a great man for getting rid of anything he hasn't seen or used in 6 months or so! Creates a little domestic discord trying to keep ahead of him!

The renovations to the office addition are just about complete.  We're waiting for the 'shower spa' and floor to be installed and tiled, and then that becomes a bright & cozy 2-room suite for those guests unable to manage stairs.  The first guest should be my 85-yr old mother expected in early July and if she likes it, then we're away to the races! And we may have another 1st with a request for a 3-tier wedding cake for a local bride and groom in late July.  Just waiting to have the details confirmed and then we'll have to get creative.

The new What's Cookin' winter class schedule is proving to be successful, with 2 new Saturday classes targeted exclusively for guys. We introduced 'Basic Knife Skills" along with 'Sauces, Stocks & Soups' in January, along with the regular ethnic cooking classes, and have had tremendous success so far. And the 'Kids in the Kitchen' and baking classes are also proving to be a hit, especially with the grandparents who have the time and patience to encourage the youngsters. I must say I enjoy it probably more than the children, since it helps ease the loneliness of not seeing my own grandchildren every weekend.

Cooking School Launch

Sara KGBB - Saturday, August 08, 2009
While we all try to enjoy those lazy, sunny summer days, the  cooks in the What's Cookin' kitchen are busy testing and sampling the menus for August and September. The garden is finally producing some ripe tomatoes and lots of herbs so we've also been creating a special sampler of ethnic menus to tempt everyone's tastebuds and these classes begin the week of August 15th. 

Check out the August and September supper entree menus now and sign up for your 2-hour session to take home your own delicious home-cooked food before the kids start back to school! You'll never have to wonder what's for supper again!

And a pleasant discovery in the backyard - a full tree of Cortland apples ripening up nicely for fall baking and eating! If anyone knows what to do with edible crab apples, we could use all the hints and tips you can pass along!

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