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Mother's Day G and Tea Specials

Sara KGBB - Friday, April 23, 2010
Apr 24, 2010 - As we head up to Ontario for a few days with family & friends, we're also looking forward to our upcoming May events.  Especially our 'Mother's Day G and Tea' dates beginning May 8 through May 16th on just the Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  I will be on the lookout for more 3-tier serving dishes to try to make our afternoon tea as authentic as possible.  We also have a trip planned to Ikea and a few lighting stores to obtain the final fixtures and fittings for John's 'spa' bathroom.  In our absence, our contractor will proceed to install the roof skylight over the shower, and then the plumber can finish the rest. Richard, our landscape designer, has remedied the worst of the damage done to our front retaining wall, and along with his trusty helper, Dave, they've cleaned out the backyard pond, installed a new pump, and made a cascading waterfall.  And even recycled a couple of cedar trees that survived the winter to make the waterfall look as natural as possible. When we return, we're expecting to see some new planting material and our bulbs in bloom.  I keep telling John, " Just wait until the lilacs bloom, they're the talk of the town!"

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