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November Menu : (Available: November 01 - December 02)
Adobo Chicken
(STOVETOP) A traditional Filipino dish, this flavourful meal has boneless, skinless chicken thighs that are slow-cooked in a mixture of onions, soy sauce, sugar, garlic and vinegar. The onions absorb the savory sauce, and this meal is served on a bed of hot white rice. Dairy & egg free. 
Beef Barley Soup
(STOVETOP/SLOWCOOKER) When the weather is chilly, this is the perfect soup to warm you up! Slowly simmered, this blend of extra lean ground beef, barley, and vegetables is served with garlic bread. This will be your new winter favorite. Dairy & egg free. 
Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese
(BAKE) Cooked pieces of chicken breasts are mixed together in a creamy cheese mixture that includes milk, parmesan and cheddar cheese that is spiced perfectly with Frank's Red Hot Sauce. Once the sauce is heated and thickened, it is mixed together with macaroni noodles and topped with more cheese and panko bread crumbs. Then baked until golden brown and it is gooey perfection. Contains dairy & egg.
Honey Hoisin Pork Tenderloin
(BAKE) Lean pork tenderloin is marinated in a sweet blend of hoisin, black bean sauce, honey and a blend of spices. Suggest served with rice. Dairy & egg free.
Mild Italian Sausage & Pasta Ragout
(STOVETOP) Spolumbo's Italian sausage is simmered in a mixture of diced tomatoes, garlic, basil, mixed beans and onions. Just prior to serving, small pasta is added to the pot to complete this meal. Delicious! We suggest serving with Garlic Bread  or Naan Bread Dairy & egg free. 
Miso Salmon
(BAKE) Atlantic salmon is marinated in a Japanese-inspired miso sauce. For those unfamiliar with miso, it has a salty buttery flavour. The miso paste, soy sauce and spices bring the out the savoury side of the dish and then maple syrup is added for a touch of sweetness. Suggest served with rice. Dairy & egg free. 
Moroccan Chicken
(BAKE) Boneless, skinless chicken breast tenders are sauteed with a blend of spices, onions and chickpeas. Suggest served with  pasta. Dairy free, contains egg. 
Pretzel & Bacon Crusted Chicken
(BAKE) Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are tossed in a mixture of panko bread crumbs, crushed pretzels and bacon bits. The chicken is pan-fried and then baked in the oven to finish it off. Suggest served with Sweet Potato Fries, this meal is sure to please everyone! Dairy free, contains egg. 
Red Thai Beef
(SLOWCOOKER) AAA sirloin chunks are slowcooked with coconut milk, a flavourful spicy red Thai curry paste, potatoes and spices. Please note: this meal is spicy and the spice cannot be omitted. Slow cooker is recommended. Contains coconut milk, egg free. GLUTEN FREE. 
Santa Fe Chicken
(BAKE) New twist on an old favorite - boneless, skinless chicken breasts are baked with corn, salsa, spices, cheese and rice. This meal is definitely family-friendly. Suggest served with nacho chips for dipping into the extra sauce. Contains dairy, egg free. CAN BE MADE GLUTEN FREE. WW points per serving - 9
Shrimp Tetrazzini
(STOVETOP) Shrimp is sautéed in a creamy sauce containing mushrooms, wine and parmesan cheese. This is the perfect meal for a busy evening. Served with linguine. We suggest serving with a Caesar salad and Garlic Bread  Contains dairy & egg.
Whole Roasted Chicken
*NEW* (BAKE/SLOWCOOKER) A traditional Sunday meal in our house - a whole chicken is rubbed with a spice mixture that includes paprika, thyme, onion powder, garlic powder and rosemary. Roasted in our oven or slow cooker with seasoned potatoes and carrots. A classic meal that warms the entire house on a chilly winter day. We suggest serving with our Homestyle Stuffing. Dairy & egg free.
December Menu : (Available: December 04 - December 30)
Baked Cheesy Beef Rotini
(BAKE) Tri-colour rotini is mixed together with cooked lean ground beef, diced peppers, mushrooms, onions and pasta sauce. Then it is topped with mozzarella cheese and baked to perfection. Suggest served with garlic bread. Contains dairy, egg free. 
Big Rock Pork Chops
(STOVETOP) Big Rock beer is one of the main ingredients in this meal. You’ll be surprised at how beer and BBQ sauce together make a perfect pork chop that will leave everyone wanting more. Suggest served with rice. Dairy & egg free.
Chicken Stroganoff
(STOVETOP) Tender chunks of boneless, skinless chicken breast are tossed in a spice blend with paprika, garlic and onion powder, then simmered in a traditional Stroganoff sauce with mushrooms, sour cream, beef broth and white wine. Suggest served over egg noodles, this is a fast and tasty meal sure to please the entire family! Contains dairy & egg. 
Creole Shrimp
(STOVETOP)Shrimp simmered in a Creole seasoned sauce, with red peppers, onions, garlic and celery, then tossed in linguine noodles. The smell of this dish will make your mouth water. Dairy & egg free. 
Earl Grey Salmon
(BAKE) It sounds like an odd combination, but Earl Grey tea leaves and maple syrup are the key ingredients to one of our favourite salmon dishes. Brought back by popular demand! Suggest served with rice. Dairy & egg free. 
Hearty Beef Stew
(SLOWCOOKER/STOVETOP) Lean chunks of AAA sirloin beef are slow cooked with carrots, onions, potatoes, and the perfect blend of spices. The meat will fall apart with the touch of your fork after cooking all day. Dairy & egg free. 
Italian Creamy Tomato Tortellini Soup
*NEW* (STOVETOP) A new family favorite in our house that makes meatless Monday a breeze. Diced tomatoes, spinach, white kidney beans, vegetable broth, parmesan cheese and cheese tortellini are simmered together to make a delicious home cooked soup that is quick to the table and perfect for leftovers. Suggest served with warm baguette and garlic butter. Contains dairy, egg free. 
Pork Medallions in a Mushroom Marsala Sauce
(STOVETOP) Pork tenderloin is cut into medallions and then pan-fried until nicely browned. They're then simmered in a flavourful mushroom marsala sauce that has broth, butter, sherry and seasonings. Suggest served with green beans, this meal is so flavourful and quick to make. Contains dairy, egg free. 
Ranch Style Chicken with Potato Wedges
(STOVETOP/BAKE) Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are marinated in a mixture of lemon juice, dijon mustard, honey and paprika and then pan fried until golden brown. The chicken is topped with bacon & cheese and served with potato wedges. Contains dairy, egg free. 
Rosemary Roasted Chicken
(BAKE) Bone-in, skinless pieces of chicken breasts and thighs are covered with a rosemary seasoning blend. These tender pieces of chicken are then baked beside herb roasted potatoes. Dairy & egg free. 
Tangy Cranberry Chicken
(STOVETOP) Boneless, skinless chicken breast tenders are simmered in a delicious blend of maple syrup, mushrooms, green onions and cranberry sauce. Suggest served with rice. Dairy & egg free.  
Teriyaki Chicken
(BAKE) Boneless, skinless chicken thighs are marinated in a delicious homemade teriyaki sauce. Suggest served with rice. Dairy & egg free. 

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