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September Menu : (Available: September 05 - September 29)
Baked Panko Chicken
(BAKE) Boneless, skinless chicken thighs are marinated in Dijon mustard and lime juice, then coated with panko bread crumbs and baked until golden brown. Suggest serve with potato wedges. 
Beef Donairs
(BAKE) We have worked hard to perfect this yummy recipe! Extra lean ground beef and seasonings are baked and then thinly sliced. Suggest serve with pita bread and a homemade donair sauce. 
Chicken Stroganoff
(STOVETOP) Tender chunks of boneless, skinless chicken breast are tossed in a spice blend with paprika, garlic and onion powder, then simmered in a traditional Stroganoff sauce with mushrooms, sour cream, beef broth and white wine. Suggest served over egg noodles.
Hamburger Soup
(STOVETOP) Our lean ground beef is slow simmered with beef broth, carrots, celery, onions and seasoning, and then macaroni noodles are added to make this a perfect feel-good soup that is sure to rival Grandma’s! Suggest serve with garlic bread. 
Honey Roasted Pork
(BAKE) Pork tenderloin is glazed in a honey ginger sauce and slow roasted to create a melt in your mouth experience. Suggest serve with rice. 
Italian Pot Roast with Mushroom Au Jus
(BAKE/SLOWCOOKER) AAA top sirloin pot roast is slowcooked in a blend of mushrooms, broth, Italian seasoning, garlic, tomatoes and red wine. The drippings combined with herbs and spices create the perfect mushroom au jus. Suggest serve with potatoes that can be roasted separately or added to the roast. 
Mushroom & Orzo Chicken
(STOVETOP) Bone-in, skinless chicken thighs, mushrooms and orzo nestle together in a skillet to make a quick simple meal (and only one pan to clean up!). The bone-in chicken thighs are marinated in a mixture of paprika, rosemary, salt & pepper and then pan-seared and placed on a bed of mushrooms, onions and orzo which is then simmered to perfection. 
Pork Schnitzel
(STOVETOP) A traditional German dish with boneless pork cutlets which are breaded and pan-fried until golden brown and Suggest serve with a traditional spaetzle side dish. This meal is quick-to-the-table and very tasty. 
Santa Fe Chicken
(BAKE) New twist on an old favorite - boneless, skinless chicken breasts are baked with corn, salsa, spices, cheese and rice. This meal is definitely family-friendly. Suggest serve with nacho chips for dipping into the extra sauce. 
Shrimp & Pasta Formaggio
(STOVETOP) Large succulent shrimp are simmered in a rich mixture of cream, parmesan cheese, fresh spinach, diced tomatoes and then tossed with linguine to give you a yummy plate of pasta. 
Thai Baked Chicken Breast
(BAKE) Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are marinated and baked in a mixture of sunflower seed butter, hoisin sauce, ginger, green onions, garlic and soy sauce. With a nice hint of heat, suggest serve the chicken over a bed of rice and enjoy! 

Vegetarian Quinoa Chili *NEW*
(SLOWCOOKER/STOVETOP) A hearty chili option that will satisfy both vegetarians and non-vegetarians! Our blend of beans, corn, peppers, onions and spices is simmered together on the stovetop or slowcooker, and then quinoa is added to the same pot to create a delicious meal. Suggest topped with avocado & Tex-Mex cheese. 

October Menu : (Available: October 1 – October 31)
Asian Grilled Salmon
(BAKE) Fresh salmon marinated in an Asian-inspired mixture that includes soy sauce, garlic and Dijon mustard. Grilled and then suggest served on a bed of couscous. 
Beef & Green Bean Stirfry
(STOVETOP) Lean AAA sirloin beef strips are marinated in an Asian-inspired sauce. Stirfry it with green beans and place on top of a bed of rice .
Chili Mac & Cheese
(STOVETOP) Extra lean ground beef is sautéed with a 7 bean mix, traditional chili spices, diced tomatoes and chicken broth. Elbow macaroni is added to the mix and cooked in the flavourful mixture. Once the pasta is cooked, it is topped with Tex-Mex cheese. 
Coconut Shrimp
(STOVETOP) Succulent shrimp are coated with a sweet coconut spice mixture before being pan-fried to perfection. Suggest served with rice. will want seconds.
Creamy Chicken Pesto Penne
(STOVETOP) One of our most popular dishes is back! Tender pieces of boneless chicken breast are sautéed in a creamy basil pesto sauce and suggest served over noodles. 
Dijon Mustard Chicken
(BAKE OR GRILL) Boneless, skinless chicken breasts marinated in Djion mustard sauce, with onion, honey, soy sauce and garlic. Baked to perfection and suggest served with peas, this is sure to be the family favorite this month. 
Honey Garlic Glazed Meatballs
(BAKE) Lean ground beef is complemented with a mixture of spices, bread crumbs and egg before being shaped into meatballs. Topped with a yummy glaze of butter, garlic, soy sauce and honey and then baked to perfection. Suggest served with rice. 
Kentucky Baked Chicken
(BAKE) Fresh bone-in chicken pieces (breasts, thighs and drumsticks) are marinated then coated in our 11 famous herbs and spices and baked. Giving you a crisp outside and a moist inside sure to make the Colonel jealous! Suggest served with seasoned potato wedges. 
Lemonade Grilled Chicken *NEW*
(BAKE/GRILL) Boneless skinless chicken breast is marinated in a sweet mixture of lemonade, soy sauce, garlic, ginger and fresh sliced lemon. Grill up this zesty chicken and serve with roasted potatoes for a sweet and lemony supper! 
Miso Glazed Pork Chops
(BAKE/GRILL) Pork chops are glazed with a Japanese-inspired miso sauce. The glaze is a yummy combination of sherry, ginger, garlic and miso paste and then suggest served with rice. 
Moo Shu Chicken Wraps
(SLOWCOOKER) Boneless, skinless chicken thighs are simmered in a slowcooker in a traditional Asian Moo Shu sauce that has sesame oil, hoisin sauce, honey, rice vinegar and ginger. After simmering all day, the chicken falls apart and suggest served with flour tortillas as a warm wrap. 
Pizza Pasta Bake
(STOVETOP & BAKE) Mild Italian sausage, pepperoni, onions, mushrooms and red peppers are sautéed and then simmered with marinara sauce and pasta until pasta is cooked. Transfer to a baking dish and top with cheese. We suggest serving  with garlic bread.

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